Additional Services

As a marketing solutions company, we offer much more than just software.
We offer you a way to maximize the tool you have invested in.
After all, this “tool” needs to solve the business challenges you are facing, both today and into the future.

additional services we offer:

Niche-Specific Campaigns

This might seem like an insignificant thing, but in reality, this helps jump start your business by giving you access to pre-designed, fully functional campaigns that are proven to work. This includes landing pages, contact management, email sequences pre-written, scheduling automation, and opportunity tracking.

Of course, you can add custom campaigns, as well as, customize any of the pre-loaded campaigns we have created for you. And best of all, these campaigns will be routinely monitored and updated to ensure optimal performance. This is a true solution for any and all businesses.

*The Disruptor and DefCon 1 Plans

niche specific campaigns add on service
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facebook ad templates and campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaigns
and Templates

Imagine managing your entire marketing strategy from a single tool. Well, with our DefCon 1 plan, this is possible. Not only do we offer fully designed campaigns for the niche specific campaigns listed above, but we also pre-load the campaigns with Facebook audience targeting specific to your given niche.

In addition, the tool provides a user friendly interface which makes creating and managing your ads easier than ever. No more logging into the cumbersome Facebook Ads Manager interface. We have all lost some hair dealing with that. Everything will now be located in your dashboard.

* DefCon 1 Plan Only

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Dedicated IP Address for
Email Marketing

Want to ensure the highest delivery rates for your email marketing? There is only one way to accomplish this. You need a dedicated IP address. Not only do we offer this service, we can help you install it as well. Will you be able to send email without it? Yes. However, we have seen over time that without one, companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft will continue to make it harder and harder to reach your customer’s inbox.

For an additional fee, we can assist in setting this up for you.

*Add-On Service $88.50/mo (upgrade in your account dashboard)

dedicated ip address for email marketing
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wordpress hosting add on disruptor marketing

WordPress Hosting

A well performing website is crucial to the overall health of your business. If you are creating a new website, what better place to host it than in the same place as your marketing platform? Talk about integration.

*Add-On Service $50/mo (upgrade in your account dashboard)

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Private Mastermind Group

There is knowledge and experience in all of us as business owners. Our Mastermind group is geared towards building community and knowledge sharing. We all struggle. Why not learn from your peers in a positive space? This group provides an atmosphere conducive to knowledge sharing and bouncing ideas among your peers. You will quickly realize, someone somewhere has had the exact same problem.

*The Disruptor and DefCon 1 Plans

disruptor marketing private mastermind group
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yext listings disruptor marketing

Yext Listing

Yext is a platform that enables you to conveniently and efficiently add your business to over 150+ websites and portals. This allows you to ensure that the contact details and information about the business are kept up to date across the board and allows you to keep tabs on reviews coming in from sources other than Google My Business and Facebook.

*Add-On Service $50/mo (upgrade in your account dashboard)

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Conversational AI

The Conversation AI is an advanced feature that leverages AI technologies to enhance customer interactions with your business. The Bot solves complex problems and provides safer, more accurate answers than any AI Chatbot on the market.

This feature can be used for SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Web Chat, Live Chat, and Google My Business responses. This AI is so robust, you can train it by turning it loose on your website, FAQ pages, etc so that it has the ability to answer customer inquiries immediately without waiting for you to respond.

*Add-On Service $149/mo (upgrade in your account dashboard)

conversational ai disruptor marketing
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dm setup services

Setup Services

Getting your account set up can be overwhelming and time consuming for the busy entrepreneur. This is why our team offers complete set up services for you. We will configure everything from a new website design, to installing your Facebook Pixel for tracking, to Google Analytics and more. Check out our set up services and let us know if you have any questions.

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