Photography Marketing Campaigns

What sets the Disruptor Marketing platform apart is our powerful pre-designed marketing campaigns.

Seriously, they're fully functional and everything.

fully developed marketing templates for photographers

genre specific campaigns

Once you sign up for either The Disruptor or DefCon 1 plans, you’ll get access to a mind-blowing collection of over 30 genre-specific campaigns. We’ve got it all covered, from weddings to headshots, boudoir to families, high school seniors to maternity. Best of all, as new workflows and marketing campaigns are developed, they will be added to your account FREE of charge.


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it’s simple! just plug in your info.

And guess what? These campaigns are so ridiculously easy to use. Just plug in your business information, images, and voila! You’re ready to start marketing your business like a pro.

We’re also constantly adding new campaigns to our platform, just to keep things fresh and exciting for you. Because we’re committed like that.

plug and play marketing campaigns for photographers
marketing campaigns with proven success

campaigns with proven success.

Because we can see and test the performance of these campaigns, we’ll be making adjustments over time to make sure they work in the most efficient way possible.

So, why should you choose our platform? Simple. No one else out there is as dedicated to this niche as we are. We’re the real deal.


Wedding Photography Campaigns

Right out of the gate we have built 7 fully proven and functional campaigns to help you grow and nourish your business. 

Bridal Show Booth

A fully functional workflow for bridal shows. Includes a landing page for you to collect leads in your booth, along with post-show follow up emails to schedule 1:1 consultations. 

Bridal Show Leads

What do you do with all the emails given to you by a bridal show? There is gold in that list they provide you, but you have to nurture it. Our bridal show lead nurturing campaign is a series of over 20 pre-written and designed emails. These emails follow a marketing strategy of warming up leads with quality content and then driving them to schedule a 1:1 consultation.

Engagement Casting Call

Looking to shoot more engagement sessions, build your engagement photography portfolio, or just fill your wedding pipeline? This is the perfect campaign. Focused on targeting engaged couples, this drives them to an application process to sign up and submit an image. From there, we send a series of pre-written emails to schedule them for a 1:1 consultation to talk about their shoot. This is crucial to minimize no-shows.

Engagement Enter-to-Win a Free Photoshoot

This is a tried-and-true lead generating tool. While yes, everyone loves free, this campaign is geared towards qualifying those leads into bonafide sales and wedding conversions. When you catch an engaged couple early enough in the cycle you will earn their trust and make money on both the engagement sale and converting them to a paid wedding. 

Engagement Lead Magnets

Newly engaged couples are always looking for tips, tricks, and ideas for their wedding and engagement sessions. We have built pre-written email campaigns to be used with Facebook ads to drive new leads into your business. Our wedding campaigns have several custom built lead magnets, including fully designed PDFs, for you. Each of these sequences drives the new lead to schedule a 1:1 consult with your studio. 

Wedding Album and Retouching Services

Did you know that most photographers are just delivering digital files to clients? Those clients are hiring other photographers to retouch the images and design wedding albums. This is a huge opportunity for you to make money without ever having to photograph an event. 


Senior Photography Campaigns

Cap & Gown Sessions

Senior Cap & Gown Sessions are low-hanging fruit for your business, even if “senior pictures aren’t a thing” in your area. What parent doesn’t want professional pictures of this milestone in their child’s life? This campaign is geared towards getting people in the door and in front of your camera.

Senior Casting Call

Just getting started with senior photography? This campaign is targeted towards building your portfolio with a free session fee + print. The landing page includes an application form to be part of the casting call and emails driving the lead to schedule a consultation with our built-in calendar feature.

3 Senior Lead Magnets

We’ve built pre-written and pre-designed guides you can use in your business to target those parents and teens looking for guidance and tips for senior photo session trends, poses and locations. Each sequence automatically sends the lead their free guide, and drives them to schedule a consultation with you about their shoot.

Senior Enter-to-Win Campaign

An enter-to-win campaign is a tried and true way to generate not only leads, but cold hard cash into your business. After entering, our automated follow-ups will guide winners toward booking their session so you can build your portfolio and make the sale.

50% off Session Fees Campaign

A simple sale you can run as often as you like. This targeted campaign is built for conversions. Get emails and contact information through the form on the landing page (or use a lead form on Facebook with Disruptor’s seamless integration) and follow up automatically via email to get consultation calls scheduled and senior shoots on the books.


Boudoir Photography Campaigns

50% off Session Fees

A boudoir campaign you can run any time, any season. The landing page offers 50% off of boudoir session fees with a completely automated email sequence driving them to schedule a free consultation with you.

Birthday Special

A birthday is the perfect opportunity to capture new clients who might not usually be interested in a boudoir shoot. This campaign can target both people buying a shoot for themselves or someone who wants to give a gift to a friend or partner. A built-in email sequence follows up with them to get a consultation scheduled.

Bridal Boudoir

Brides-to-be are an often overlooked source of boudoir clients – they’re in great shape for their wedding and looking for a gift to get their spouse-to-be. This campaign targets those brides and follow-up emails encourage them to schedule a consultation with you.

Girl's Night Out

A Girl’s Night Out session makes boudoir into a fun and exciting experience for a group! Think bachelorette parties or friend groups with champagne, charcuterie boards, and a shoot for each friend. This is an event that can bring big business to your studio.

Boudoir Casting Call

Just getting started with boudoir photography? Start building your portfolio with this casting call campaign. Use Disruptor’s custom values to build a customized offer (like a free session + free print or digital file) that works for you. Use the application form on the landing page to collect information from people who want to be part of the casting call. From there, automated emails drive the lead to schedule a consultation with our built-in calendar feature.

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